Neighborhood Alterations &  Bridal

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$10 services

Hem pants

Hem jeans with original hem

Hem shirt

Hem blouse

Shorten sleeves without buttons

Hem straight (shirts)

Repair holes

Shorten straps

$12 services

Hem pants with lining

Hem pants with cuffs

Hem pants (blind hem)

Hem curve (shirts)

New elastic (plus the cost of elastic)

New pants zipper (plus the cost of zipper)

$15 services

Alter waist

Taper sides

Shorten dress shirt sleeves with buttons

Taper legs

Formal, Prom, and Bridesmaid Dress

Take in sides $30-$40

Hem with 2 layers $30-$50

Hem with 3 layers $40-$60

Add corset $40

Suit Jacket

Take in sides $30

Shorten sleeves with buttons $25

Shorten sleeves without buttons $20

Wedding Dress Services

Take in/out sides $60-$120

Shorten train with layers $120-200

Hem $80-$150

Add corset $100 (plus cost of fabric)

Bustle $20-$30

Add bra cup $20

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Zipper repair

Evening gowns

Party dresses



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